Goodbye to All My American Apparel Things

american apparel sheer maxi skirt

My 20s have officially ended. They actually ended three years ago but I’ve never felt more over 20 than I do now. It has nothing to do with who’s married–everyone–and who isn’t– me. It also is not related to my bills, my back, or adulting in general. The reason I am finally mourning the passing of my 20s is, American Apparel is finally closing.

No brand defined my 20s like American Apparel. That probably says more about me than I could ever write.  The purveyor of overpriced basics made in Downtown L.A. spoke to my soul all the way down to the meh attitude of their salespeople. It was the one place I could buy oversized tees, leggings, bodysuits, skirts, tights, and whatever else I needed to look cool and bored in a pinch. I even loved the tongue -in-cheek, damn near sexist ads before they jumped the shark.

american apparel sheer maxi skirt

When I think about it, every major milestone in my 20s has some piece of American Apparel clothing attached to it. At 23 I literally ran 4 city blocks in ankle boots, a grey summer tee, and a pencil skirt to interview for an internship working New York Fashion Week. I got the job. There was the New Years’s Eve I wore a deep V and my infinity scarf to a dive bar and fell in love. I learned a lot from him, then we broke up and I learned a lot from me. Then there was the sheer black maxi skirt

My ex-boyfriend bought this sheer black maxi skirt for me during one of our random trips to American Apparel. I only wore the skirt once, to some kind of art thing, when we were together. For some reason, I never really felt comfortable going bare legged back then. I also never really liked how the skirt looked with leggings underneath. So, for years it just hung in my closet. It wasn’t until I was single and knocking on 30 that I said fuck it and wore my skirt with just my legs. And underwear, of course, I’m not THAT bold.

american apparel sheer maxi skirt

American Apparel finally closing this month, feels like a chapter of my life is officially done. No more sipping PBR in interlock skirts while I dance myself clean in shady corners. No more bodysuits and high waisted cut-offs every day in summer. I’m saying goodbye to all that….and hello luxury brands.


american apparel sheer maxi skirt


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  • Reply
    Niki McNeill
    April 14, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    I love this post! Isn’t it funny how our memories are entangled with clothing?

    • mm
      Anastasia Nicole
      April 14, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      Thanks love! It’s not even just the special occasion stuff either. This is just normal everyday stuff.

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