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I stumbled upon Demeler as I was absentmindedly flipping through my Bloglovin’ feed one night. Lily Montasser, California born, New York living writer and stylist behind the site, had a way with words and monochrome dressing that was instantly captivating. This Sarah Lawrence grad, who also spent time studying at Parsons, started her career in the art world before moving into styling and working for various editorial platforms. Her art background is definitely reflected in the composition of her outfits and photos, which give me more life and style inspiration than an issue of Vogue ever could. Check out Lily’s thoughts on New York, rule-breaking, and a possible Demeler line.

demeler interview lily

My name is….Lily Montasser

You might know me from…My blog and Instagram Demeler.

I am most passionate about…Fashion, travel and food.

My days are…spent running around Manhattan between meetings and shoots.

My nights are…either in my SoHo apartment watching Bravo or out downtown with friends.

I am most inspired by…clean, open spaces.

My favorite item of clothing is… my Céline trapeze. It’s the perfect everyday bag.

Words I actually live by… everything happens for a reason.

The best things about the East Coast and the West Coast…. I love the buzzing energy of the East Coast and the calm serenity of the West Coast. I couldn’t live without either, honestly.

Where do you currently call home?

At the moment I spend most of my time in New York City. But “home” to me is a mixture of the two. I try to visit California as much as possible.

How was the initial transition from California to school in New York? What did you learn from it, if anything?

I didn’t learn so much from the school aspect, to be honest. But more from the city itself. New York made me a tougher person. It teaches you how to get what you want.

How did you get into styling and working in fashion?

I have always been interested in the editorial side of fashion. My first fashion job was as an editorial intern at Racked when I was 17. And then I later moved on to Interview Magazine. I also dabbled in styling, marketing, and design on the side.

What is your end goal for the next five years? Where do you want to be?

In five years I see myself living in Los Angeles blogging full time.

What does the future of blogging look like to you?

I would love to use my blog to collaborate with larger brands and to become a brand ambassador. I’d also love to launch a Demeler brand. I’m thinking minimalist basics and accessories.

You have a very distinctive style both visually and sartorially, what informs that?

My mother probably has a lot to do with it. She exposed me to the luxury fashion market at a very young age, and I’m sure that subconsciously influenced me. We have very similar taste in style and love the same brands. I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture, but I’m grateful either way.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?

I love boutique stores that carry a very curated selection of brands. Stores like Totokaelo, Ssense, Dover Street Market, and Barneys New York.

Any spring/summer must-haves?

You’re not wearing much clothing in summer, so it’s all about accessories. A leather everyday tote and Marni sandals are essential. And of course, killer sunglasses. I wear them all year round, rain or shine. There’s something so alluring about a person behind a pair of designer shades. It’s sort of like the sexiness of a masquerade ball.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Sixteen is an amazing age. You’re old enough where rules are being inflicted on you (rules made for your breaking), but young enough where consequences won’t be detrimental. So go all out. Make stupid mistakes. Fall down and get back up again. Because in a few years, you can’t afford to fuck up.

Where can we keep up with you?

Follow me on Instagram @demeler, Snapchat @thedemeler and stay up to date on blog posts at

demeler interview


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    this interview is so cool! I would love to see your own brand!
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