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Fashion, as a community, is not age inclusive. The models are all barely out of high school and the imagery we are constantly fed reinforces the idea that you can’t trust anyone over 35. Hell, I’ll be 32 in August and even I feel out of place in an industry obsessed with telling women over 29 what they can and cannot wear.

Thankfully, Lisa, the beautiful face behind The Sequinist, is having none of that. Not only does her personal style prove there’s no age limit on looking good, her life and sense of humor give me endless inspiration. For me, Lisa is like a tangible Oprah who lives a glam life with her husband and baby and is running laps around girls in their 20s as she tackles her second career in fashion. Did I mention she does it all in killer shoes and jewels? Well, now you know.

Keep scrolling to learn all about Lisa in her own words.

the sequinist

My name is. Lisa

You might know me from my blog, the Sequinist

I am most passionate aboutmy family.

My days are mostly spent chasing after my three year old son!

My nights are either spent desperately trying to catch up on sleep, or going out with my husband, so we can pretend to remember what life was like before parenthood.

I am most inspired byIris Apfel.  I adore her individualistic style and her dont give a damn attitude.

My favorite item of clothing is a black faux crocodile Miu Miu coat

Words I actually live by This above all: to thine own self be true

Favorite place to visit Paris

Where do you currently call home?


What are some of your favorite paces to shop?

I rarely have time to go in stores anymore, so it mostly tends to be online.  I love Topshop, Miu Miu, Winser London, ASOS, and Net A Porter.  If I have time to go into a shop, it is almost always Selfridges in London, because it is so well curated and carries any brand I could possibly want.

What drew you into blogging? 

Well, I wanted to write a book on style, but thought a blog would be easier (Ha! I had no idea of the tech skills Id need to learn and the time-suck that is social media).  I started freelance blogging for a fashion retailer and hated that when Id write a piece theyd say, Yes, well, we like this bit about a statement necklace, but were low on stock so well just replace it with this (hideous) scarf, ok?  On my own blog, it is 100% what I love and wear and believe in, and no one can water it down. 

the sequinist

As someone who barely manages their 9-5 and blogging, how do you manage running your blog, working as a stylist, writing for a fashion retailer, and raising a toddler? 

The blog takes a back seat to everything.  My son comes first, second, and third, and once hes in school in September Ill have more time for everything else. I can work styling around my schedule and a clients schedule.  Writing I can do late at night; blogging is so creative and fun that it doesnt usually feel like work. 

What are your thoughts on the fashion industry constantly telling women over 35 what they can and cannot wear? 

Fashion and the media seem to have this very narrow notion of what women over 35 should wear, that we should all dress like CNN news anchors.  Also, I scream when I see those collage sections in magazines that tell you what to wear in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.  What is the joy in getting dressed from a template? 

Ageism in the fashion industry is a real thing, do you think moving into the industry after 40 has presented challenges for you? 

Yes, I think lots of people assume youre over in fashion after 40.  As a blogger, less of your age demographic is on social media so it is harder for them to find you.  I have friends whove never read a blog and have never been on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  Even Kate Moss only very recently got an Instagram account!  The challenges are there, but the 40+ woman is the one who makes most of the spending decisions in the house and has disposable income to spend on clothes.  I feel like brands are really missing out by excluding us.  Im making it a point to change that!

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self? 

Buy the shoes!  Always, buy the shoes. 

Seriously, how do you do it all?

Well, Im permanently exhausted thats for sure! I stay up late to write and get up early with my sonand I still need an extra two hours in every day to keep up.

Where can we keep up with you?


Instagram: @thesequinist

Twitter: @sequinist

Facebook: @theSequinist

the sequinist

Photos all courtsey of The Sequinist

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