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Reclaiming My Time

finding balance
Balance is the modern obsession. There are entire professions dedicated to helping us balance our diets, our work and home life, and our relationships. No matter how many apps we download and coaches we hire, balance still eludes us. Why? Our priorities are fucked up. 
Growing up, we were always told we could be anything. Somewhere along the way being anything turned into being everything. We have to have thriving side businesses while climbing the corporate ladder. As women, we have to wake up flawless to rule the seven kingdoms then put the kids to bed at 8 pm. The constant pressure to squeeze more and more out of a day leaves little time for finding balance.
For the past decade, I’ve tried in vain to squeeze every second from each day I’m given. I spend 3-4 days a week racing from work to side work and then to networking events. When I’m not running around, I’m at home working on content or tuning out with Netflix and wine. Even when I manage to sneak in yoga, working out, or meditation it feels like I’m adding to my full to-do list.
Finding real work, life balance starts with figuring out what is important to you in life. In the past, people prioritized honesty, integrity, loyalty, and other bygone ideals. I have made climbing the career ladder and the attention and acceptance that comes with it my top priority. While I’m not morally bankrupt, I am always burned out. I am also always five minutes away from an existential crisis. I have not made my well-being a priority nor do I have any goals that aren’t career related. That has to change, starting now.
Going forward, finding true balance has to be my number one priority. To do this, I have to figure out my burning desires. Do I really want to be a top 10 blogger and influencer? Would I rather be a life coach helping young women get their shit together? Am I dying to be a stay at home mom? What would make my life feel more whole? I have no idea, but I’m going to find out. It’s time for me to start reclaiming my time and so should you.
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