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Catching Up with Stylist Nikki Woolfolk

atlanta wardrobe stylist

My main goal at Greige Market is to inspire and empower ladies like you to curate a life of both style and substance. With that in mind, I’m bringing back my monthly interview column. Each woman is hand-picked by me for her passion, drive, and work ethic. These are women who inspire me on the daily, and I hope they inspire you as well. xo Ana

When you say the word stylist, everyone thinks Rachel Zoe, June Ambrose or Patricia Field. While each of these ladies is a legend in their own right, styling is so much more than that. Case in point, Atlanta personal stylist Nikki Woolfolk.

Unlike celeb stylists who have unlimited budgets and high-end designers on speed dial, personal styling isn’t just about the glitz and glam. Stylists like Nikki work closely with their clients to help them level up their image. That goes way beyond just pulling a red carpet ready look from Olivier Rousteing. Nikki teaches her clients to solve their fashion dilemmas, radiate confidence, and build a wardrobe they love. Her work is all about teaching you how to slay from the inside out.

Get into this Q&A with personal stylist Nikki Woolfolk. Who knows, maybe she’ll inspire you to quit your job and follow your passion. Or to at least get your wardrobe together.

atlanta personal stylist

Name: Nikki Woolfolk

Hometown: New Orleans birthed me

Where you are now:  Atlanta raised me

What woman, besides your mom or grandma, has inspired you the most?

Ah, I’m inspired by so much. Particularity, culture, travel and the books I read. I’m inspired by other’s success. It’s what keeps me going after a long day of working with clients, then coming home to work on myself.

How did you get your start as a stylist?

Consider what I call the traditional way – studied design; dabbled in retail management for a while until I decided to focus my efforts on becoming a stylist. In 2013, I got this hunch to start a blog; so I did. With no clue what I was doing, the blog, The Label Content, became a way for me to express my personal style and provide free style advice to my readers. Through social media, I was discovered by a filmmaker who offered me a platform to express my talents on the set of short films and music videos.  Maybe a year into it, I knew I wasn’t serving my purpose. The only thing I knew about my clients were their measurements. I was there to dress them for a scene, not a lifestyle. Creatively I enjoyed it, but I didn’t really belong. From there, I found a style program that teaches key entrepreneurial business elements focused on personal styling.

What drew you to working in fashion?

Being from New Orleans where you can pretty much wear whatever allowed me to play around with different styles growing up. Initially, that’s what sparked my creativity.  As I grew in the industry, it then became about teaching people how to dress for their age, body type and style. Not going along with this cookie cutter image but dressing in something that makes them comfortable and confident.

What is your biggest challenge as a creative entrepreneur?

Waking up at 5 am M-F (laughs)! Nah, I would say initially stepping outside of my comfort zone. For instance, when marketing suggested I write a free eCourse on “How to Build a Wardrobe Without Killing Your Wallet” to gain visibly, I was worried. The knowledge was there, but I wasn’t sure I could do it at first. Sometimes we don’t trust the process to know that we’re asked to do certain things because of our capabilities. Daily, I work on trusting me first, and then everything else I touch. As long as I trust me to do the work, everything else will fall into place.

atlanta personal stylist

What has been one of your favorite projects so far?

Earlier this year, I worked with a women’s networking group whose focus is to offer a safe place for women to grow and network. The group asked me to do a style segment on wearing “Bold Colors for Fall”. Guests were then offered an opportunity to shop our unique women’s clothing at the end. When Label Content recently ended the pop-up shop project in January 2017, we had traveled the southeast region selling unique women’s clothing at social events. I enjoyed meeting so many people that way and was able to interact with my supporters in person.

Who are you dying to work with?

Whoever is dying to work with me! My perfect client is a leader in the community, an executive, an entrepreneur who takes care of everyone else but themselves. A professional bad-ass who needs help reflecting success through her wardrobe.

What advice do you have for ladies trying to break into the industry?

Whether you opt to study design, take an apprenticeship or find a job through work experience, the routes into fashion are endless. Work hard and take advantage of worthy networking opportunities. There are plenty of resources now to help you stand-out; like starting a blog, customizing things, or making your own clothes, these are the things that get you noticed.

What is the most inspiring statement you’ve heard or said?

I have many mantras and inspirational sayings. Let’s see. Here’s one from Erich Fromm “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself”. That means, give life to your purpose and passion. Know yourself and that your work is serving others.

Where can we keep up with you?

Head over to and subscribe there. All subscribers will receive my free eCourse on “How to Build a Wardrobe Without Killing Your Wallet” and my “Wardrobe Essential Checklist.” I’m on Facebook and Instagram @iKnowThatNikki.

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