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Ten Commandments of Dating

ten commandments of dating

After a bit of a break, I am finally ready to get back out into the dating game. I low key got fed up with guys and dating last year after a few less than happy experiences. Ghosting, not picking up the tab, and just being a grade A fuckboi was not the move 5 years ago, why is it now? Anway. Now that I am actively trying to get back into dating, I thought it appropriate to lay and share a few ground rules. I’ve been dating for like half my life now, so most of these ten commandments of dating are pretty solid. Prior to the entire world going crazy, at least half of these got me through. The other half are newbies I’ve added since the fall. Trust me, these ten rules are exactly what you need to get your dating game in order for 2017.

  1. Suffer no fools, bigots, frauds, or fuckbois or any kind. I’ll tell you how to spot them in an upcoming post.
  2. All of your first few dates need to be actual dates in public. No Netflix and chill or cooking dinner. If you two aren’t creative enough to come up with something affordable and outside the house, you’re both wack.
  3. Show up ready to be yourself, unapologetically.
  4. Do not order a salad on your first date. No one looks cute eating a salad and it guarantees you will have stuff stuck in your teeth. Wait until date 4 for that.
  5.  Don’t play games. If he wants to play games, he can play by himself. If you cannot be real and open with your emotions, you aren’t ready to date.
  6. Please have a conversation about who will be paying for what BEFORE the bill comes. If we did not agree to go Dutch before the night started, I assume you are paying. You know, since you asked me out. So, let’s save ourselves the awkwardness and have that conversation before we start.
  7. Do not fall into a relationship of convenience after a few dates. Going on a few dates means you are dating. It does not mean you are or should be in an exclusive relationship.
  8. Don’t obsess over every detail. You’ll say the wrong thing. He’ll say the wrong thing. You’ll fart or something equally embarrassing. If he’s worth it, he’ll just laugh and keep it moving.
  9. Never compromise yourself or your morals. Getting lost in a person is not love, it’s co-dependency.
  10. Chill the fuck out. Dating is a hot mess but it’s supposed to be fun. You’ll learn so much about yourself and people. Along the way, you’ll have some amazing experiences, even if they are just amazingly hilarious fodder for your memoir.

What are some of your rules for dating?

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