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fit through the holidays

Staying Summer Fit Through the Holidays

Between pies, family obligations, and cocktail parties, staying fit through the holidays is hard AF. Eating healthy is dead to you for the next month and your gym trips are…

knowing your worth

Knowing Your Worth Isn’t Enough

Knowing your worth is a constant topic of conversation. Whether I am talking to friends about relationships or co-workers about a raise, it all comes back to that. What I…

self- care

#MonthlyMotivation Self-Care is Bullshit

News flash: I work a ton. When I’m not at work, I’m blogging, or hustling freelance work to make ends wave at each other. Since there are only 24hrs in a…

samantha jones

Why We all Need a Samantha Jones

It’s been over 10 years since Sex and the City wrapped, and every blogger and wannabe fashion girl still thinks she’s a Carrie. Everything about her continues to inspire generations…

pre-date rituals

Rituals | About This Dating Thing

I think of dating as a necessary evil on par with getting my period, paying taxes, and blowdrying my hair. It’s something I have to do if I don’t want…

my yoga journey

Rituals | Yo Yogini!

I may not wear it out in the open, but I am a deeply spiritual person. Although I only go to church once or twice a year, I start and…

sxsw austin

Travel | Austin TX

All I do is work, work, work, work, work, even when I’m traveling. Thankfully, my work allows for cool trips like the one I took to Austin last week for…

workout plan

Rituals | New Workout Plan

Do you workout?” Depending on who’s asking, my answer to this question can vary from, “every now and then” to “every day” to “never.” Typically the more I like you,…