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just be yourself

In Pursuit of Happiness

“Would you rather be right or be happy?” The first time I heard this, I was listening to a lecture by Gabrielle Bernstein. When Gabby posed that question to her…

knowing when to speak

The Art Of Keeping Your Mouth Closed

Raise your hand if you’ve ever put your foot in mouth? Or, if you ever said something that hurt someone or your chances at success. Everyone’s had should be up. We all…

monthly recap

Things I Learned Last Month

According to my editorial calendar, I am blessing you with a style post today. That same calendar is missing an actual style post next to today’s date. Instead, I’m giving you…

Stay fit all summer long

Staying Summertime Fine All Summer Long

I may love fall clothes but I live for summer. Warm weather means beach trips, crop tops and cool adult drinks by the beach. It also means a laundry list…

living with anxiety and depression

My Mental Health Story

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. With that in mind, I am sharing my mental health story. If one person reads this and feels less alone or is inspired to…


How to Break The Burnout Cycle

If you are a go-getter, the following cycle should sound familiar. In an effort to be highly productive and effective, you move from one state of overwhelm to the next.…

science of being cool

The Art & Science of Being Cooler Than Me

What do cool girls have that you don’t? Absolutely nothing. Seriously. The thing separating you from the cool chicks you see all over the Internet has nothing to do with what…

lessons for my 25 year old self

Lessons for My 25 Year Old Self

Twenty-five is the most unrealistic deadline to set for your goals, unless your goal happens to be finishing college and turning 25. The average 25-year-old is still trying to work out…