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Staying Sane on Social Media

curbing social media addiction

Let’s face it, social media isn’t going anywhere. We have come to rely on social media as a means of communication to stay connected to loved ones and strangers alike. It is also driving us into deeper depression, anxiety, and isolation. The only cure for social media killing your vibe is to scale back on how much you use and consume it. As an individual, curbing your social media addiction is as easy and deleting your account. When social media is how you pay your bills, deleting your account is a no go. As a blogger and a marketer, I can’t just walk away but I can be smart about how I use social media and protect my magic in the meantime.

curbing social medai addiction

I’m a business, man.

There is a big difference between using social media as an individual and using it as a business. Individuals are free to post what they want when they want with no goals or strategy in mind. Businesses, on the other hand, have specific goals for each channel that can be measured and tracked. Whether you are a small business owner, a blogger or a marketer, you have to have a plan for social media that does not involve mindlessly scrolling for hours on end. A skilled social media marketer, like yourself, should only spend a few hours a week on social. The rest of your time should be devoted to living life,  not indulging in petty Twitter drama.

Stick to a schedule.

Promoting your business and engaging your tribe via social should not drain your day or energy. If you find yourself spending hours responding to comments, questions, and memes, you need to revisit your goals and set a schedule. With the right scheduling tool for your business, clear goals, and a plan you should be spending no more than an hour a day on social media.  At my 9-5 I spend maybe 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening scrolling feeds for content. For my blog, I spend maybe 20 minutes total doing the same thing.

I said what I said.

I learned this tip from my girl Gabby Bernstein and I apply to business and personal accounts. Gabby posted about a police officer shooting an unarmed man, this time a therapist working with a patient in crisis, to her timeline. After posting it, she went about her day. Hours later a friend called her to comfort her because the comments under that post were not what you’d expect from a community of “light workers”. Gabby’s response was “what comments?” She’d said everything she had to say in her post and had no need to dive into the comments to defend herself. With everything going on today, as a business you may take a stand on an issue that divides you followers. No need to argue with them or defend yourself for standing up against injustice. To quote Linnethia Leakes, “I said what I said.”

Seat’s taken.

You decide who you give a seat to at your social media table, no one else. There is no law forcing you to allow people to use your space to promote hate, ignorance, pettiness, or drama. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about free speech and a respectful exchange of ideas but I refuse to tolerate or entertain intolerance. My social media feed is my sacred space and I reserve the right to withdraw your invitation to my space as I see fit. Don’t like it, I’ll never know because I blocked you.

Do what you can.

Social media is all about building a community online that supports you and your business. To build that community you have to actually be social. Sadly, the more followers you have the harder it is to have meaningful interactions with every single person. Instead of focusing on responding to every compliment and question, respond to what you can and what truly stirs your soul. The rest of your energy should be spent on creating content that connect with your tribe. Trust me, people are more respectful and understanding than you think and if they aren’t, they aren’t your people.

What tips or tricks do you use to stay sane on social?

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