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hands-free handbags

Five out of seven days a week I break my back carrying a supersized tote to and from work. By the weekend I’m ready to give my back and my work bags a much-needed rest. Enter the crossbody bag. Crossbody bags are superior in both form and function to totes and clutches, which I low key hate. They force you to only take essentials and leave your hands free for texting, carrying drinks, and doing whatever else hands do. Have you ever tried to dance, carry a drink and mack on a guy with a clutch in your hand? It’s hard as hell.

Check out these 5 hands-free handbags and reclaim your freedom.

hands-free handbag

For a bit of a Chanely look at less than half the price, this Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Love crossbody bag is a must have. So much so that I’ve seen more than my fair share of bloggers shouting it out on IG.


hands-free handbags

This Contrasting Pineapple Crossbody bag from Zara is just too cute to pass up. I may have to grab this one right now. At under $30 it’s a steal.

hands-free handbags

Love the shape and color of this AMAZE Boxy Shoulder Bag from Topshop.  While it is a “shoulder bag” the strap is long enough to wear crossbody.

hands-free handbags

If you are feeling fancy AF this snake embossed calfskin leather bag from Aesther Ekme is the way to go without breaking your budget. That is if your budget is under $400.

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