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It’s a Cruel Summer

maxi dress

A Southern summer wardrobe is not complete without a maxi dress. You can dress it up or down and it keeps you surprisingly cool in our notoriously hot, balmy weather. Most maxi dresses are not my style, too many prints, ruffles, and girly details for my summer goth, minimalist soul. My Kardashian side also prefers a maxi dress that brings more heat than a Miami summer. Now that it’s August, which is the best month ever, and we are moving into the dog days of summer, I am breaking out my favorite maxi dress.

Now that it’s August, which is the best month ever, and we are moving into the dog days of summer, I am breaking out my favorite maxi dress.  The deep blue color and clean line warms my black heart while the button front lets me show as much or as little as I want. Who am I kidding? My Kardashian side loves to show as much leg as legally possible. It’s no wonder this maxi dress has become my summer go-to. So much so, that I had to bring it back and do another shoot with it. (Yes, bloggers wear stuff more than once, like regular people.)

maxi dress

summer maxi dress

summer maxi dress styling

Photos: Aspen Cierra Photography


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