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sheer outfit inspo

There are two things I hold dear, hipster white guys and sheer outfits. Out of the two, it’s the sheer outfits that get me through thick and thin.

Much like all black, great sheer pieces have been a focal point in my wardrobe for decades. Well, maybe a decade. What started as wearing sheer tights as pants in 2005 turned into a full fledged obsession. While I’m all about a sheer blouse or skirt, my days wearing sheer tights as pants are over. That is, they were until I saw Kim Kardashian rocking a pair during fashion week. Thanks to Keeks I am more than ready to get back to my 2005 sheer self. I’m not going full sheer pants this week but it is on the way. In the meantime, pick up a little sheer outfit inspo from these street style stars below. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to leave your pants at home and go sheer.

sheer outfit inspo

Dallas Style Blog

sheer outfit inspo

Chronicles of Her

sheer outfit inspo


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