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crop top styling tips

I love a good crop top, always have, always will. Maybe it’s the 90’s in me but belly baring tops have been my go to for decades now. Paired with a high-waisted bottom, the perfect crop top gives me curves for days. As crop top addicted as I am, fashion consultant Shionia Turini has me beat as the hands down crop top queen.

Crop top or nah, Turini’s style is enviable, to say the least. She effortlessly mixes streetwear and high fashion for a look that epitomizes around the way girl chic. For that reason alone, she has a standing invitation to brunch along with Solange and Zoe Kravitz. (My imaginary celebrity brunch table is lit fam.) Throw in her ability to make a crop top office appropriate and girl has earned her place as my grown up style muse. Now if only I could get Shiona’s paycheck. But back to the crop tops.

In my years following Shiona Turini’s style I have gleaned a few must share crop top styling tips. These tips are perfect for all ages but are exactly what my ladies over 30, who think they can’t rock a crop top need to hear. Check out my favorite crop top styling tips below so you too can become a crop top queen like my fake bestie Shionia Turini.

Always go for a high waisted bottom.

Pairing your crop top with a high waisted bottom does two things, it accentuates the narrowest part of your body and keeps the amount of skin you’re baring to a minimum. Navels are cute and all but they have no business in business. Unless you model underwear or something.

Throw a jacket on that bih. 

You all know I’m a fan of tossing on a blazer or a coat to complete a look and so is Shiona when she’s rocking a crop top. Remember, blazers make everyone think you’re sharp and professional even if you aren’t.

One thing at a time.

OK, so maybe I got this from Mama Knowles via Destiny’s Child but Shionia obviously lives by this rule. When you’re baring your belly, stay away from super short hemlines. True, I’ve seen Turini in shorts and a crop top, but notice the length of her shorts. You will rarely if ever see her in a crop top with a mini skirt or booty shorts. Balancing your top and bottom that way creates a longer leg line and is a major key to looking like a damn lady.

That’s enough rules. Keep scrolling to get inspired by the OG crop top queen’s style. Actually, the OG crop top queens were probably from the 70s but I digress, you know what I’m saying.

crop top styling tip

Photo: Armarium

crop top styling tips

Photo: Coveteur

crop top styling tips

Photo: @Shionat

crop top styling tips

Photo: @Shionat



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    July 25, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    I love this look. Fab advice to wear it with a high waist – it looks fantastic!

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