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styling prints

I know! The Monarch of Monochrome, thanks Lisa, is wearing a color. Not only am I wearing a color, I’m wearing a bold print. I’m sure somewhere there’s an angel breaking a seal. Just because 90% of my closet is black, white or gray doesn’t mean I can’t flex my sartorial muscles by styling prints.

When it comes to styling prints, this maxi skirt from The Bombchel Factory makes it easy. Not only does the high waist make it perfect for crop tops, but the double slits give me legs for days. They are also incredibly dangerous when walking on a windy day but, that’s a chance I’ll take. While the skirt itself is killer, the story behind it is the real reason why I love it.

The Bombchel Factory, started and owned by Archel Bernard, is an ethical African fashion brand. All of the pieces are made from authentic, African prints sourced in West Africa and sewn in Monrovia, Liberia. Archel’s mission with her line was to empower disadvantaged women by giving them the skills to become self-sufficient. After seeing how the ebola outbreak in 2014 devastated the country, Archel decided to open a factory to help the community rebuild. Cute, ethical, empowering, and African pieces made by Africans, of course, I’ll give her my money and ask you to.

Be sure to check out The Bombchel Factory and support ethical brands. Also, don’t forget to check back here when the weather is consistently warm so you can see how I style this skirt for summer.

Styling prints

styling prints

styling prints

Photos: Jordan Taylor Photo

Skirt: The Resort Life Skirt | The Bombchel Factory

*FYI I was not paid for this, nor was the skirt given to me for review. I happen to love and support what Archel is doing and want to see more brands like hers. For that to happen, we need to support the little guys trying to do the right thing. By support I mean buy their things. Awareness is great but you can’t pay employees with awareness.



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  • Reply
    March 10, 2017 at 3:38 am

    The Monarch of Monochrome you DEFINITELY are, but Christ, you are rocking this print like you wear print everyday. I adore these colourway… turquoise and red is my all time favourite colour combination. I might need this exact same skirt in my life. I’m off to check out the website. What a fantastic way to empower women who need a bit of help from those of us lucky to be born in different circumstances.

    • mm
      Anastasia Nicole
      March 12, 2017 at 10:30 pm

      LOL!!!That is the ONLY thing in my closet that is so vibrant. It almost makes me want to buy more prints and colors…almost. Whether you buy something from the site or not, it is for sure worth a look just for the story. We all forget how fortunate we are to have been born in the right place, at the right time to the right parents.

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