All You Ever Need is Black Denim

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Blog life aside, I’m a pretty busy gal. This week alone I have 4 networking events, an online campaign to run, a conference that starts next week, and I just got a jury summons. Staying sane with a schedule like that is hard. Looking pulled together, on the other hand, is easy. With a bold red lip and a killer pair of black jeans, you can slay all day.

It is no coincidence that black skinny jeans have been in style for decades. Black denim is at both times rebellious and effortlessly chic and can make your butt look great. What more could you want in a pair of jeans? The ability to go from day to night in a split second perhaps? Black denim does it. With a quick shoe change and a makeup update, I have gone from a job interview at Jones Apparel to a blind date in the same black jeans. Because a good pair of black jeans can double as slacks, I was able to kill the interview and the date. I ended up passing on both, but I digress.

When it comes to building the perfect wardrobe, yes you need a little black dress but black jeans will be your savior. Did I forget to mention how great your butt looks in them?

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