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Yes, I am that girl who holds space for her friends, tracks moon phases, and is all about the Law of Attraction. I am also that girl who lives for a well-organized planner, what can I say I’m a Virgo. So of course when I saw Erthn’s 2017 Magic Manifesting Diary, I was all over it like a bruja on her crystals. Before I get into what makes this the ultimate manifesting diary, let’s talk manifestation.

Despite what you think, manifestation is not only for your hippy cousin who goes to Burning Man. It is actually something so mundane, you do it every day often without realizing. Anytime you intentionally set a goal, you are manifesting. Yes, there’s a bit more to it than that but not much. All manifesting is, is consciously creating the life you want. There is nothing woo-woo or tin foil crazy about that. If you are like me and you believe in a higher power, nothing about this should sound new.

If you are like me and you believe in a higher power, nothing about this should sound new. How many times have you heard someone talk about watching God top or laugh at their plans? This idea asserts you have to give God/Spirit/the Universe/whatever you call it, your plans to do as he sees fit knowing whatever is of the highest good will shake out. Nothing crazy about that. Or what about the phrase, “you go where your attention goes”? That is not crazy either, and neither is setting intentions for your life. Back to the 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary, though.

Whether you are a virgin or have experience with the Law of Attraction, this journal has you covered. Shannon Cox, the creator of the manifesting diary, does a great job setting the tone and walking you through everything. There are weekly wisdom pages filled with spiritual insights, a place for you to write out your bucket list for the year, cool monthly rituals, and plenty of journal prompts. The diary also happens to be beautifully illustrated by Natalie O’Brien.

The 2017 Magical Manifesting Diary retails for about $23 US + shipping for the standard version and about $34 US for the Eco Diary, made up of over 35% recycled materials. Both versions ship from Australia, keep that in mind if you want to have it in time to get your resolutions in order.

*I received free access to the e-version of the diary for reviewing purposes.



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