I Can’t Keep Quiet….

i can't keep quiet

Since the election last November, I have been wrestling with how to best use my platform to address what’s going on in America. I have gone back and forth with what to say or what to not say. The only answer I’ve found is that I can’t keep quiet anymore.

As a blogger trying to build a following, speaking out can be scary. If you say the wrong thing you’ll alienate readers and brands will be hesitant to work with you. But, if you don’t use your voice to address real issues, what value are you adding to society? Right now, society needs more truth, honesty, and solidarity. That will not happen if those of us who have platforms do not use them to share our stories.

Sharing your story is the best way to expose others to different points of view and ultimately serves as the best counter against bigotry. People hate what they fear, and generally, they fear what they don’t know. I’m not saying curing racism and bigotry is as easy as exposure, but countering the single stories that permeate our society about members of marginalized groups is a great first step.

Does that mean my content is suddenly turning political? Probably not. I am up to my ears with talking politics these days and if you want that kind of content from me, you can check out OFFTHARECORD. What it means is that my content has to be a bit more real. No more playing it safe to make brands happy. Honestly, if a brand has a problem with me standing against fascism, misogyny, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, and anything else that is trying┬áto drag America back to 1942, that’s not a brand for me. The same thing goes for readers. This is not about Trump, this is about standing up for what is right and ending the attitudes that have hindered progress for far too long.

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