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Productivity is having a huge moment right now. Everywhere I turn online I see bloggers, coaches, and “experts” slinging tips on how to be more productive at work, at home, as a blogger, and whatever else. It’s almost as if someone woke up one day and decided we were a world full slackers who needed to be told how to get shit done. The way to get shit done, according to these internet productivity experts, is to spend an hour a week writing, organizing, planning and scheduling. After spending the past few months batching, eating my toads, setting reminders, and doing everything the experts say, I’ve successfully increased my anxiety around being productive. I’m not saying their tips don’t work, I’m saying there has only been one productivity tip that actually works for me, and of course, I’m sharing it.
My one “How to Get Shit Done” tip is to prioritize your life. When you have a firm grasp on what is and isn’t important to you on a large scale, you tend to make decisions that support those beliefs. Everything from where to shop to how much time your spend on social media is dictated by your beliefs around how important certain things are in your life. People who believe in being healthy tend to work out and don’t eat McDonald’s. People who believe in having a balanced work and home life don’t spend hours at home doting work or hours at work doing projects for their home. Do you see where I’m going here?
Once you have a handle on what matters most to you, ask yourself if any of the things you have on your weekly to-do list are out of alignment with your priorities. Anything that isn’t a “must do”, like getting groceries or finishing your weekly reports at work, or a “love to do” needs to be dropped from your list. Things you don’t need to do and aren’t priorities are time sucks and killing your productivity so stop doing them.
Trust me, nothing eases anxiety like knowing your day is filled with things that will move you one step closer to your goals. It makes checking things off of your to-do list ten times more exciting and that is what makes you productive.


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