Why You Need A Career Cheerleader

career advocate

Becoming a girlboss isn’t easy. It can take years to establish a successful business or climb the corporate ladder. Along the way you struggle, earn bumps and bruises, and figure a lot of stuff out the hard way. But what if you didn’t?

Nothing will make your life easy, save winning the lottery, but something could make moving up in your career easier. All you need is a career cheerleader. You know, someone to help guide you through the ins and outs of getting your career in order.

When I say career cheerleader, I do not mean a mentor. A mentor is someone you have a long term relationship with who helps you generally get your life. They guide you through ups and downs and give advice. Career cheerleaders are the people who go to bat for you at work or constantly sing your praises at networking events. You don’t necessarily have deep relationships with them, but they are your biggest fans and evangelists. These are the people introducing you as an “amazing writer,” a “brilliant stylist,” or one the “hardest working people you’ll ever meet,” to people who can positively impact your career. While having a mentor helps like you wouldn’t believe, having a cheering section preceded you does a world of wonder for opening previously closed doors.

I personally have never had a mentor, but I have had tons of cheerleaders. If it weren’t for the men and women going to bat for me and singing my praises I would never have had the successes I’ve had. There would be no styling credits to my name, no print pieces in my portfolio, and I would not have my day job.  Thankfully, I’m a talker and was able to build up my own cheerleading squad to advocate for me.

While I’m still working towards girlboss status, having my squad has made all the difference.

career advocate

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