frankfurt street style

Frankfurt Taught Me

Whenever I hit a new city, I have to take time to people watch. It’s how I feel out the energy of the city and get up on new trends.…


How to Break The Burnout Cycle

If you are a go-getter, the following cycle should sound familiar. In an effort to be highly productive and effective, you move from one state of overwhelm to the next.…

embrace failure

Failure is Your Only Option

By now, we’ve all heard that failure is our greatest teacher. Or have we? Despite the whole “embrace failure” movement, fear of failure still has us in a headlock. No…

maybelline color sensational shaping lip liner

Spring Lip Looks Solved

When it comes to makeup I’m a less is more kind of girl. There are no contour palettes, heavy highlighting, or brows on fleek around here. My day-to-day makeup is…

denim on denim

Denim is a Girl’s Best Friend

Denim is the people’s fabric. It is the vodka of fashion. It mixes well with everything and usually leads to a great time. That is why denim always gets an…

science of being cool

The Art & Science of Being Cooler Than Me

What do cool girls have that you don’t? Absolutely nothing.┬áSeriously. The thing separating you from the cool chicks you see all over the Internet has nothing to do with what…