monthly recap

Things I Learned Last Month

According to my editorial calendar, I am blessing you with a style post today. That same calendar is missing an actual style post next to today’s date. Instead, I’m giving you…

Stay fit all summer long

Staying Summertime Fine All Summer Long

I may love fall clothes but I live for summer. Warm weather means beach trips, crop tops and cool adult drinks by the beach. It also means a laundry list…

style white jeans summer 2017

What to Wear : White Jeans

It’s Memorial Day weekend so you know what that means? Everything is on sale and it’s time to bust out the white jeans. True, most of us wear white jeans…

living with anxiety and depression

My Mental Health Story

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. With that in mind, I am sharing my mental health story. If one person reads this and feels less alone or is inspired to…


The 5 Items You Need for Summer 17

I am on a mission to make Summer 17 the most lit summer ever. I can’t say what the plan is exactly but I know it involves plenty of sun,…

frankfurt street style

Frankfurt Taught Me

Whenever I hit a new city, I have to take time to people watch. It’s how I feel out the energy of the city and get up on new trends.…


How to Break The Burnout Cycle

If you are a go-getter, the following cycle should sound familiar. In an effort to be highly productive and effective, you move from one state of overwhelm to the next.…