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winter reading list

Winter is officially upon us. Well, technically it’s been winter for almost a month now but the weather is just now getting the memo. Now that we’re all on the same freezing cold page, there are only two things to do. We can either book vacations to escape the cold or wait it out with some indoor activities. Since a season long vacation is not in the budget, indoor activities it is. One of my favorite indoor activities, that’s relatively free, is catching up on my reading. In the spirit of staying warm while getting my life together, I’m sharing my winter reading list with you.

Since I enjoy keeping it completely honest with you, I have to tell you I’m not as big a reader as I used to be. Before adulting, Netflix, and social media took over my life, I could easily read a book a week. Now, It takes me a month to find the time to read a 200-page novel. It’s tragic really. That in mind, my winter reading list is pretty short. Like 3 books short. As in, I’ll have to cut out late night Twitter and Facebook scrolling to squeeze these in. That’s probably for the best. Anyway, the back to the list.

“Whiskey Words & a Shovel II” by r.h. Sin While I’m a huge fan of well-written songs, I’ve never been a big poetry reader. Carrying around a volume of poetry just felt way too pretentious for me, until I picked up “Whiskey Words & a Shovel II”. Honestly, the thing that caught me was the sleek cover design. In thumbing through the poems, I was moved almost to tears by the writer’s brutal honesty when talking about love, lust, and heartbreak. I pretty much finished it in one sitting. This one is for sure going on my list of gifts to randomly send my girlfriends. I’ll for sure be checking out r.h. Sin’s other books and stalking him on Instagram because he and his boo are too adorable.

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur For someone who isn’t big on poetry, I clearly am not acting the part. Maybe it’s the fact that we all have heartache that needs healing and both books serve as mediums to move through pain to joy. Maybe I’ve just been reading bad poetry, IDK. Again, it was the sleek cover design that drew me in, great job Andrews McMeel Publishing team, and again it was the writing that made me buy. “Milk and Honey” is full of poetry and prose taking you through life’s bitter moments and finds the sweetness in them.

“I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual” by Luvvi Ajayi If you have never read Awesomely Luvvie, Ajayi’s blog, you are missing out. She hilariously tackles everything from politics and race relations to your favorite internet memes and #DemThrones. Seriously, Luvvie is goals. Not only is she is a dope writer and blogger, she also runs a non-profit and keeps it all 100. I haven’t started the book yet, but as a fan of her content, I know it’s full of uncomfortable truths wrapped in plenty of LOLs.

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