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Lessons for My 25 Year Old Self

lessons for my 25 year old self

Twenty-five is the most unrealistic deadline to set for your goals, unless your goal happens to be finishing college and turning 25. The average 25-year-old is still trying to work out who they are versus who society wants them to be. Their lives are less like Sex and the City and more like Girls because Girls is actually about 25-year-olds. Be that as it is, everyone in their early 20’s sees 25 as the age to be married, financially stable, and working in your dream career. Boy, is that a set up for depression and anxiety.

Looking back on 25 seven years later, that was one of the best years of my life. For me, that entire decade was filled with adventure, mistakes, laughs, and ended up shaping who I am today. None of that could have happened if I was married, stable, and living my dream life at 25.  It took chaos for me to discover what I was truly made of, and that is probably the same for you. Sadly your parents would never tell you that unless your parents are Ms. Frizzle.

To help you get through one of the most defining decades of your life, I’ve pulled together a few life lessons for my 25-year-old self that are sure to help you. These are the things my parents didn’t tell me until I was almost 30, or that I figured out along the way. And trust me, you will figure out so much along the way.

It’s OK to not have it all figured out. Actually, you’ll never have it all figured out so let it go. 

No one learned anything from being perfect, learn to fail and fail epically. 

What other people think of you, good or bad, is not your business.

Heartbreak only feels like it will kill you. It will make you stronger. 

Being an adult means being your own parent and your own best friend. 

Never apologize for who you are. 

There are no deadlines in life. As long as you are alive, you will keep learning, keep growing, and have the opportunity to choose again. 

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