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How I Go From the Bed to the Street in 5 Mins

how to style sweatpants

I’m a lazy dresser. I love putting together a good lewk as much as the next fashion girl, but putting it on is a different story. If I had my way, I’d live in sheer black tights and an oversized button down. Since that is not appropriate attire for most occasions, I’ve decided to live in sweatpants.

I spend about 20 hours every weekend in oversized men’s sweats for one reason only, they are comfy as hell. Though most of that time is spent binge-watching, I do venture outside for brunch, errands, and other things. None of those things explicitly require me to take off my sweats. I mean, if Kim K can rock mom sweats and a sports bra to dinner, I got this.

how to style sweatpants

how to style sweatpants

Styling up a pair of baggy sweatpants is a lot easier than you think. Like most looks, nailing it is all in the extras. To me, that means pulling on a dope coat over whatever I’m passing off as a top. In case you missed the memo both blazers and coats elevate any look instantly by covering up the crazy. I’m a fan of outerwear with a little bit of structure and texture. It makes people think you spent way more on your outfit than you did. Once you swap out your sneakers or Uggs for heels, tidy up your brows, and dab on some highlighter you’re good to go. I don’t know why you would go anywhere, it’s cold outside and you have food at home but to each his own.

By the way, I wore this outfit to work once to rave reviews. Then again, with me testing all my looks at work my team for sure thinks I’m some eccentric Devil Wears Prada type. I wish.

how to style sweatpants

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