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Why I Always Choose Sneakers Over Heels

sneakers over heels

Well not always, but if I can help it.

Like most little girls, I counted down the days until I could wear heels like the big girls. While I waited, I passed the time walking around the house in my mom’s heels that were two sizes too big. Eventually, in middle school, I got my very own pair. I still remember the sound they made as I walked across the classroom floor. I’d barely hit puberty and I was a clacker in my Sam & Libby heeled penny loafers. Think a mini-Dionne from Clueless. It was the mid-90s.



Now that I’m older and arguably wiser, heels still thrill me but not as much as sneakers. Why? If you’re up on your sneaker game you know they can be big a status indicator as red bottoms. Ask any hypebeast standing in line for a pair of Yeezys, and they’ll tell you. A pair of fresh kicks can be worth their weight in gold. They also happen to be 10x more comfortable than heels, and 20x less annoying than ballet flats.

As someone who grew up on hip-hop in the 90s, sneakers and heels have carried equal weight in my closet. I used to beg for the new Air Max or a fresh pair of Classics at the start of the school year. In college, we would go in on the 2 for $89 sale at Lady Footlocker to rack up. I learned young to always buy the protectant they offered and that old toothbrushes worked like a dream to keep your shoes dirt free. I also always keep a Magic Eraser handy to keep my white shoes white.

Lucky for me, the fashion gods have finally caught up to what streetwear has known for decades, nothing is as chic as a fresh pair. Seriously, I need to be stylish and comfortable while trying to take over the world.


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