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Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

what to wear over 30

If I had a dollar for every time someone assumed I was 25, I could pay off my student loans. All “black don’t crack” aside, the main reason people assume I’m younger is they have no idea what 30 looks like.

At some point, we decided women over 30 should wear kitten heels and pantsuits like Muva Clinton. Then, Stacy London went on TLC and told us we were too old to wear mini-skirts and short shorts. Thankfully, most of us continued minding our business and wearing whatever we wanted.

what to wear over 30


what to wear over 30

I cannot say this enough, there is no such thing as dressing like a grown up. If you can afford it, it fits, and you feel great in it, buy it. Plain and simple. My only caveat is to always go for quality. Remember, you worked your ass off in your 20s managing multiple side hustles, doing free internships, and living with random roommates. You deserve great shoes, bags, and clothes that last more than one round in the washing machine. Splurge on those sparkly, YSL boots and pair them with high waisted cutoffs as you board your private jet. Incidentally, Beyonce is 36.

what to wear over 30


30 is not the new 20. It’s 20 with more money, confidence, and experience, knowing that I can tell my 40s are going to be dope.

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