the sequinist

ATWG | The Sequinist

Fashion, as a community, is not age inclusive. The models are all barely out of high school and the imagery we are constantly fed reinforces the idea that you can’t trust anyone over 35. Hell, I’ll be 32 in August and even I feel out of place in an industry obsessed with telling women over […]

two piece outfits

What to Wear | The Two Piece Set

Since I am all about getting dressed and out the door in as little time as possible, it should come as no surprise that a two piece set is right up my alley. I mean why else do you think people dress their kids in matching sets? They’re an extremely easy way to look put […]

my yoga journey

Rituals | Yo Yogini!

I may not wear it out in the open, but I am a deeply spiritual person. Although I only go to church once or twice a year, I start and end my days with prayer and meditation, sleep with crystals, and consult my cards. Yes, I’m a crazy new age bruja who has a real […]

15 minute face

#StyleHustle | My 15-Minute Face

I firmly believe that if doing your makeup takes more than 15 minutes and your last name is not Kardashian nor will you be in a bridal party or walking a red carpet, you aren’t doing makeup, you’re playing. Seriously, if your makeup routine takes the bulk of your morning you are in major need […]

styling mens button downs

And Everything Is To The Back With a Little Slack

I’m always on the lookout for a way to remix my wardrobe staples. Usually, that means throwing sneakers with a cocktail dress or pulling a piece from the back of my wardrobe and mixing it into my current rotation.  Occasionally, that means figuring out a completely new way to wear an everyday favorite. Taking a few […]

banana republic maxidress

Hot Summer Streets & The Pavements Are Burning

I may be a born-and-raised Southern Belle, with the cotillion photos to prove it, but nothing in my constitution agrees with southern summer heat. The blazing sun and oppressive humidity make wearing jeans unbearable. While I love a mini skirt more than the Kardashians love Balmain, something about summer in the south begs for a […]

I almost quit blogging

That Time I Almost Quit Blogging

I have been bored with blogging for about 6 months now. I haven’t felt inspired by the content I write. My numbers have gone down the drain, and every opportunity I worked hard for has dried up. Why? Well, long story short, I got sucked into the matrix. No one willingly enters the matrix, they […]

see summer better

The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

As someone who unironically wears glasses, finding the perfect frame that fits my look and my lifestyle is everything. The amount of effort and consideration involved is probably why I have been wearing the same DKNY frames and Ray Ban sunnies for the past 5 years. That us, until my dog mistook both my glasses and […]

uniform dressing

#StyleHustle | Uniform Dressing

Much like Jena Lyons and my Uncle Karl, I am a huge fan of uniform dressing. It is how I manage to look effortlessly put together 90% of the time and has been a part of my life since I slipped into a plaid skirt and saddle oxfords in kindergarten. Catholic school uniforms aside, developing […]

beyonce's lemonade

Vibes | Lemonade

I have no desire to read, or write, another think piece on Beyonce’s Lemonade. I do not want to analyze the imagery to draw parallels between her outfits and African gods. I will not engage in conversations trying to determine who “Becky with the good hair is” or whether or not Becky is a racial […]