oversized denim jackets

What to Wear: Oversized Denim Jackets

I am a massive 90s queen so of course, I am all about oversized denim jackets. This classic wardrobe staple is easy to find at any price point and even…

fall layering

I Wish I Knew What You Were Looking For

I’ll admit it, while I love fall fashion, I have a solid B- in fall layering. For me, layering was always something they nailed in editorials or was favored by…

being present

My Presence is a Present

I wake up everyday wishing for Kanye like confidence. Who else but Yeezus would say that the mere fact he decided to show up is enough to be a gift…

staying motivated

Manage Your Litness Fam

Fact: I suck at staying motivated. I’m not some Debbie Downer who only focuses on the negative. I’m actually pretty balanced, generally happy, and fill up my friends’ inboxes with…

samantha jones

Why We all Need a Samantha Jones

It’s been over 10 years since Sex and the City wrapped, and every blogger and wannabe fashion girl still thinks she’s a Carrie. Everything about her continues to inspire generations…

summer style

How to Look Cool When it’s Hot AF

Let’s be honest, it is hotter than Satan’s drawers outside. (Thanks Global Warming!) When it’s this hot outside, managing to look effortlessly put together is one of the hardest things…

warby parker frames

Craves | Fresh Frames

Like I mentioned in my earlier post about Warby Parker’s Summer Capsule¬†collection, I am in desperate need of a new pair of glasses. My current DKNY frames were chewed up…