staying motivated

Manage Your Litness Fam

Fact: I suck at staying motivated. I’m not some Debbie Downer who only focuses on the negative. I’m actually pretty balanced, generally happy, and fill up my friends’ inboxes with motivational messages. If you want someone to stand in your corner and keep your vibes high, I’ve got you. If you need somebody to help […]

perfect blow-out

Getting The Perfect Blow-Out with Irresistible Me

Not going to lie, I hate styling my own hair. For me, getting the perfect blow-out at home is less likely to happen than me marrying Kit Harrington. Instead of cowering at the thought of having to style my hair, I’ve decided to up my game. By upping my game, I mean taking the¬†time to […]

samantha jones

Why We all Need a Samantha Jones

It’s been over 10 years since Sex and the City wrapped, and every blogger and wannabe fashion girl still thinks she’s a Carrie. Everything about her continues to inspire generations of content creators right down to her horrible dating advice and “carefree” poses. Yes, Carrie was and still is our girl but the world knows […]

summer outfit ideas

How to Look Cool When it’s Hot AF

Let’s be honest, it is hotter than Satan’s drawers outside. (Thanks Global Warming!) When it’s this hot outside, managing to look effortlessly put together is one of the hardest things to do. You can’t layer. You can’t properly accessorize. Trying to wear as little as possible sounds like a good idea but only increases the […]

7 ways to look more expensive

7 Ways to Look More Expensive Than Your Bank Account

Adulting is hard. You have to get up, go to work, figure out how to pay bills, buy food, and keep your dream closet stocked with Acne, Wang, & Chanel, without turning to prostitution. Since being a high classed call girl only works out well in the movies, what do you do when you want […]

warby parker frames

Craves | Fresh Frames

Like I mentioned in my earlier post about Warby Parker’s Summer Capsule¬†collection, I am in desperate need of a new pair of glasses. My current DKNY frames were chewed up and spit out by my chihuahua Sonny, leaving me squinting for dear life. Since we all know squinting causes pre-mature wrinkles, I have spent months […]

how to chill out

#MonthlyMotivation | How to Chill Out

For most of my life I have suffered with anxiety. Anxiety over my grades, anxiety over whether or not I’ll ever get married, anxiety over global warming, just anxiety over anxiety. Because my natural state is to be anxious about everything, work has become my security blanket of sorts. (Before that, it was school.) I […]

summer black dress

Stranger Dressed in Black, She’s a Hungry Child

No one is arguing that is insanely hot outside, whether you live in LA or Augusta. What I do hear day in and day out is that it’s too hot to “wear all that black.” Bullshit. My entire wardrobe is built around black basics, like this ponte tank dress from American Apparel, and I never […]

pre-date rituals

Rituals | About This Dating Thing

I low key think of dating as a necessary evil on par with getting my period, paying taxes, and blowdrying my hair. It’s something I have to do if I don’t want to die alone with my dog but it’s not something I typically enjoy. That’s probably why I always keep my friends on call […]

the sequinist

ATWG | The Sequinist

Fashion, as a community, is not age inclusive. The models are all barely out of high school and the imagery we are constantly fed reinforces the idea that you can’t trust anyone over 35. Hell, I’ll be 32 in August and even I feel out of place in an industry obsessed with telling women over […]